Care & TLC


Metal Jewelry:

Many of my designs use Argentium, a high karat silver (935). Argentium is tarnish-resistant, but it is still a good idea to store your silver pieces in a jewelry box, or plastic bag to help prevent oxidation.  Pieces made from 14K gold fill should be stored in the same way.  Brass pieces are sealed with a fine layer of bees wax to help prevent tarnish. (FYI: Brass reacts differently from wearer to wearer.)

If your piece is in need of some shine, a polishing cloth may be used, or a soft toothbrush with a dab of dish soap and water.  It is a good idea to take bangles, cuffs, and rings off when doing dishes or other household chores.


All malas are made with natural gemstones and are strung on silk cord. Do not submerge silk cord items in water or any other liquids.  If this happens, lay flat and let dry.  Due to the delicate nature of the silk cord, if it deteriorates, it may need to be replaced. I am happy to re-string your mala for a $35 fee.

Custom Malas Natural Gemstones